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Anthurium 'Galaxy'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Hendry Kharismawan


Hendry Kharismawan

Seed Parent:

Papillilaminum "X-One" (Indo Variant)

Pollen Parent:

Papillilaminum "Dark Phoenix" (Indo Variant)

Base Species or Cultivar:


Cultivar Origin:

Mr. Hendry Kharismawan (Spacehijau) is a world-renowned Anthurium hybridist located in Malang, Indonesia. With knowledge passed down since his grandfather, he created various and sought-after Papillilaminum hybrids & other Anthuriums species that ought to be on the list of ACR registries such as A. Bhavana, A. Mahameru, A. Neptune, A. Pluton, A. Neptune, A. Lava Rock and many more.

Morphology recorded & write-up established by Azri
(Taira’s Tranquillity) Anthurium hybridist from Singapore with permission of Mr. Hendry Kharismawan (Spacehijau).

Name Origin:

Hybridist has always been intrigued with mother nature and the unsolved mysteries of outer space, hence the inspiration theme for most of his cultivars.

The name “Galaxy” was chosen for this hybrid with the intent to spread this beautiful specimen throughout the galaxy and across the world.

Growth Habit:

1. Leaves are produced in whorls. Grows in a controlled environment where the land is standing about 600m above sea level in between 2 feet of active volcanos in Indonesia named Mt. Bromo & Mt. Semeru (Mahameru). It has an average natural humidity of 80%, a constant wind speed of 1.5km/h, and the temperature fluctuates as low as 22 °C and a maximum of 30 °C.

Leaf Blade:

2. Foliage description
2.1 Cordate
2.2 Apex is acuminate
2.3 Base is truncate; leaves are oriented outwardly and downwardly.

3. Adaxial structure.
3.1 Surfaces are smooth and velvety. Heavy parting bullate texture.
Veins protrude on the top side of the leaf; midvein also protrudes on the underside but lateral veins are slightly sunken.

4. Margin: Soft wavy entire

5. Petiole A basically terete: ranging from esulcate to shallowly and acutely sulcate.
5.1 Petiole colour: Dark olive green, sometimes tinged reddish to red-violet

6. Venation: Arcuate secondary veins bending toward apex

7. Geniculum: Basically terete ranging from esulcate, flat adaxially with marginal ribs

Bloom and Fruit:

8. Inflorescence erect-spreading; peduncle, spathe sub-coriaceous, heavily tinged red-violet margins and faint venation and oblong-lanceolate.

9. Seed colour: Top of pericarp violet red with faded pink in the middle and bottom half dark cream

Distinguishing Characteristics:

10. Sinus hippocrepiform to nearly triangular, densely velvety bullation.

11.Abaxial colour tinged reddish to chocolate

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