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Anthurium 'Queen Ruby'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Kastam Wirosableng (Hybridist)


Azri From Taira's Tranquillity (Hybridist)

Seed Parent:

Anthurium King Of Spades

Pollen Parent:

Complex Donors

Base Species or Cultivar:


Cultivar Origin:

The hybridist sought multiple pollen donors to be selected for their unique expression hence the birth of "Queen Ruby" is done by seed propagation.

Name Origin:

Mr Kastam is a well-known hybridist in Batu Malang region in Indonesia, he created various cultivars to obtain one of the most unique expressions amongst his collection.

He first introduced to a Hybridist in Singapore (Azri from Taira’s Tranquillity) with a monotone named “Complex Hybrid” but was later changed with his permission as “Queen Ruby” due to the Ruby stone shape like sinus.

Growth Habit:

Leaves produced in whorls. Grow in a controlled environment where the land is standing about 1100m above sea level with average natural humidity of 80%, a constant wind speed of 1.5km/h, the temperature fluctuates as low as 18 °C and a maximum of 26 °C.

Leaf Blade:

Foliage description, Cordate, Apex is acuminate, Base is truncate; leaves are oriented outwardly and downwardly.

Adaxial structure:
Surfaces are smooth and velvety. Soft bullate texture.
Veins protrude on top side of leaf; midvein also protrudes on under side but lateral veins are slightly sunken.

Margin: Entire

Petiole. D Shaped or broader than thick, flat adaxially which erect margins.
Petiole colour: Burgundy Red

Venation: Arcuate secondary veins bending toward apex

Geniculum: Basically terete ranging from esulcate Narrowly and obtusely sulcate

Bloom and Fruit:

Inflorescence erect-spreading; peduncle, spathe sub-coriaceous, brownish green with pink margins and faint venation and oblong-lanceolate.

Seed colour: Top of pericarp dark red brown bottom half dark cream

Distinguishing Characteristics:

All foliage consists of prominent pink red colour on main sinus and all petioles are in burgundy red colour

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