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Epipremnum 'Banakon'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:





Ray King and Ferdi Reyes

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Epipremnum Giganteum


Cultivar Origin:


Name Origin:

Epipremnum Giganteum 'Banakon,' a striking new cultivar that pays homage to the majestic Philippine King Cobra, known locally as the Banakon. This unique plant, native to the lush landscapes of the Southern Philippines, boasts leaves that exhibit an intriguing, reptilian appearance, reminiscent of the scales of the renowned serpent. The name 'Banakon' not only captures the exotic essence of this plant but also celebrates the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of its origin.

The 'Banakon' cultivar stands out with its elongated leaves that display a mesmerizing pattern of intricate veins, evoke the scales of a serpent basking in the tropical sun. This pattern creates a dynamic visual texture that is both captivating and mysterious. This plant's robust and vigorous growth mirrors the strength and resilience of the King Cobra, making it a fitting tribute to one of the most respected and feared creatures in the region.

By naming this cultivar 'Banakon,' we honor the natural beauty and ecological significance of the Southern Philippines. This plant serves as a living reminder of the delicate balance within our ecosystems and the importance of preserving such unique species. Whether adorning a tropical garden or enhancing an indoor space, the Epipremnum Giganteum 'Banakon' promises to be a conversation starter and a symbol of the awe-inspiring wonders of nature.

Growth Habit:

It is a tropical plant with a vining habit and vigorous growth. It's also known as an epiphytic root climber, meaning it uses its roots to climb up a support structure and can grow up to more than 6 feet in height given the right conditions.

Leaf Blade:

The leaf exhibits a captivating reptilian texture. Its surface is reminiscent of reptile scales, creating a unique and stylized appearance. The elongated heart shape, pointed tips, and prominent central vein add to its complexity. The coloration, blending shades of yellow and green, enhances the overall visual appeal.

Bloom and Fruit:

None has been observed yet

Distinguishing Characteristics:

1. Reptilian Texture: The leaves of Banakon exhibit a captivating reptilian texture, reminiscent of reptile scales. This intricate surface sets it apart visually, giving it a distinct appearance.
2. Coloration: Unlike the regular Epipremnum Giganteum, which typically has solid green leaves, Banakon displays intricate coloration. Shades of yellow and green interplay across its foliage, adding to its allure.

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