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Monstera 'Moonglow'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Adi Trabelsi


Simon Lavaud

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Monstera deliciosa


Cultivar Origin:

Mr. Trabelsi sowed 25000 Monstera deliciosa "large form" seeds in 2015 and this plant was the only variegated one to show up. It was then grown outdoors in Israel and propagated through cuttings.

Name Origin:

This name refers to the new leaves that are very pale white to yellow upon emergence , appearing almost devoid of pigment as they appear later in the hardening process, and the overall plant that shows a mix of yellow and white hues mixed with green blotches.

Growth Habit:

Large plant. Typical M. deliciosa growth habit, whether climbing or creeping depending on where it's placed.

Leaf Blade:

Leaf lamina is up to 80cm long by 70cm large, petiole up to 65cm long.
Completely white/yellow at emergence, acquiring green pigmentation during the hardening process. The yellow hue remains for a long time. Green and white patches fairly heavenly distributed throughout the leaf.

Bloom and Fruit:

Infructescence peduncle is variegated, fruits are green. 100% of the seeds produce standard M. deliciosa (green).

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Distinguished by the large stature, yellow/white emerging leaves that become pigmented as the leaf hardens, retaining the yellow pigmentation for a long time. Very stable through cuttings, so far 100% of cuttings produce plants true to the original mother plant and the mother plant never reverts to full green nor full white. Tissue culture experiments are being done to test if plants remain true to type.

Similar to M. deliciosa "Thai Constellation" to some extent, except that white and green blotches seem more evenly distributed on Moonglow. Large white sections without chlorophyl are rare on Moonglow while they're common on Thai Constellation. Variegation appears more abundant on Moonglow than on Thai Constellation.

Tolerates full morning sun in Israel without burning.

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