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Philodendron 'Spiny Turtle'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Oh My Plantae


Mr. Yanakorn Kongtan

Seed Parent:

Philodendron Florida Beauty

Pollen Parent:

Philodendron mayoi

Base Species or Cultivar:


Cultivar Origin:

In 2021, Mr. Yanakorn Kongaton (ญาณกร กงถัน) and Prang Kitina (ปรางค์ กิตินา) of Oh My Plantae pollinated Philodendron Florida Beauty with pollen collected from Philodendron mayoi. Of the 300 offspring, 28 displayed variegation. Throughout 2022, they grew the 28 variegated plants to maturity and selected one with superior leaf shape and variegation.

Name Origin:

The leaf shape resembles the shell of a spiny turtle or a spiny terrapin, a type of reptile found in Thailand.

Growth Habit:

Climbing hemiepiphyte

Leaf Blade:

The leaf base is rounded and thick, and the central part of the leaf extends outward with sharp lobes. The leaf tip is pointed, and the central part of the leaf has 3-4 ridges. The leaf margin is smooth, and the leaf surface is smooth. Young leaves are light green with a touch of yellow, while mature leaves are dark green and yellow with yellow-green veins.

Bloom and Fruit:

Green peduncle where it meets the stem, fading to a red-green at the base of the spathe. The spathe is red at the base and fades to green as it reaches the tip, with a white spadix.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This hybrid displays a combination of the traits of both parents. It maintains a growth pattern similar to Philodendron Florida Beauty, with green stems from the Philodendron Mayoi. Leaf shape with lobes similar to Philodendron Mayoi and variegation. The leaf base is thick, similar to Philodendron Florida Beauty.

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