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Scindapsus ''Hora''





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Joshua Jacinto Ventura


Elijah Hora Diamante

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Scindapsus Pictus


Cultivar Origin:

From the City of Bauang, La Union, Philippines. Mr. Joshua Jacinto Ventura had the plant growing in his garden. He then observed that the leaves has some irregularity patterns (sport variegations) and propagated it.

One of the propagation was directly given to Miss Elijah Hora Diamante on December 2021. The other propagated single leaves unfortunately did not survived making Miss Elijah Hora Diamante's the only specimen left.

Name Origin:

In Czech, Hora mean 'Mountains' , 'Hill' and 'Forest'.

Hora is also the second name of the Namer, Elijah Hora Diamante. Wanting to give tribute to the Namer's Portuguese Bloodline.

Growth Habit:

Just like the Base species, Scindapsus Hora is also a climber. It has a similar growth habits as the rest of the Scindapsus genus.

It has been growing on a well draining potting mix, usually contains Coco Chunks, Pumice, Acacia Leaves (optional), Coco peat, CRH, Aged Tree bark and some Perlite. It enjoys the direct sunlight from the morning. It can also grow on lower lighting conditions.

Outside : Lighter Color
Inside : Darker Color

Propagating the Scindapsus Hora was not an issue. You can easily propagate it and place it on your usual potting mix with moss on top.

Leaf Blade:

The Scindapsus Hora is characterized by flat, ovate-cordiform shaped leaves with acute apices and cordate bases. Its leaves are arranged in an alternating fashion and are attached to the stem in a petiolate manner. Venation is pinnate. It exhibits a smooth and matte leaf lamina with raised sections where there are silver patterns.

Unlike other cultivar's usual rounded shape leaves, Hora's leaves are somehow elongated. It's leaf size can grow up to 10cm - 12cm depends on it's maturity.

Bloom and Fruit:

Not observed yet.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

After many generations of propagations, we have confirmed that the variegations are stable with different degrees. Some specimens gave us a full mottled-mint like variegations while others are sectoral or just around the edges of the leaves.

Newly unfurled leaves will display visible variegations already. It's new leaves are light colored shiny leaves and turns darker as it matures and make it's variegations more beautiful and visible. Once it is placed under direct sunlight, it can also display faint yellow color on their leaves.

To the untrained eye, Scindapsus Hora and Scindapsus Hanan looks pretty similar because of their similar mint-like variegations but if you place them together (side by side) and look closely at their variegations, shapes and lobes, you can tell their differences. Hanan has a rounder shape while Hora is elongated.

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