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Scindapsus 'Sentarum'





Nomenclatural Notes:

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Cultivar Type:



Aaron John Siy "Planter Tong Hong", Hadi Kusumah and Jan Albert


Aaron John Siy "Planter Tong Hong", Hadi Kusumah and Jan Albert

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Scindapsus Pictus 'Argyraeus'


Cultivar Origin:

Purchase History:

1st Generation
The cultivar was bought on December 2, 2022, as a five-leaved cutting mid-cut and was not identified by name when purchased in Indonesia. This cultivar has a unique pattern of lime yellow variegation in its new leaves, which then turn into bright yellow variegation as they mature. The variegation pattern is different in every leaf, making it very distinctive. This cultivar is on its first generation. In order to prove that the variegation pattern remains consistent over time, we need to grow the plant in a trailing manner and be propagated via stem cutting. The variegation pattern of the new leaf can be observed if it is consistent and persistent.

Variegation Consistency History

2nd Generation
February 4, 2023, after 3 months of growth, the cultivar purchased has offshooted an additional 7 leaves and has been propagated into 10 pots. The variegation of the cultivar produced are consistent and persistent in all the leaves.

The following are its inventory:
1 pot - 1 Leafer Base-Cut
8 pots - 1 Leafer Mid-Cut
1 pot - 2 Leafer Top-Cut

3rd Generation
April 15, 2023, after 2 months of growth, the propagated cultivar is its growth history.

1 pot - 1 Leafer Base-Cut
a. 1 pot - This pot started from 1 leaf and became a 6 leafer cultivar with consistent variegation

8 pots - 1 Leafer Mid-Cut
a. 1 pot - This pot was sold to a plant enthusiast in the Philippines. Its variegation is consistent and persistent.
b. 4 pots - These pots started as 1 leaf and now became a 3 leafer cultivar with consistent variegation.
c. 1 pot - This pot started as 1 leaf and now became a 2 leafer cultivar with consistent variegation.
d. 1 pot - This pot started as 1 leaf and has not yet grown. Still, this cultivar is developing its roots.
e. 1 pot - This pot started as 1 leaf and now became a 6 leafer cultivar with consistent variegation.

1 pot - 2 Leafer Top-Cut
a. 1 pot - This pot started from 2 leaf and became a 7 leafer cultivar with consistent variegation.

Name Origin:

Scindapsus Sentarum derives its name from the eponymous Lake Sentarum located in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. This unique, shallow lake is surrounded by peat swamp forest and lowland rainforest, providing a critical habitat for a diverse array of flora and fauna in Indonesia. Tragically, the conversion of the surrounding peat swamp forest into rice paddies has inflicted significant environmental harm, disrupting the delicate balance of this ecosystem and forcibly displacing indigenous communities.

As a rare and breathtaking cultivar, characterized by its distinctive variegation, Scindapsus Sentarum represents an emblem of Lake Sentarum's remarkable biodiversity. Regrettably, this cultivar faces an imminent threat of extinction, precipitated by the relentless march of human progress and advancement. It is therefore incumbent upon us to safeguard this precious species as a symbol of the invaluable natural treasures of Lake Sentarum, and to strive to mitigate the Human-generated pressures that threaten its continued existence.

Growth Habit:

Potting Mix: It is placed on the 3 parts perlite and 1 part Wood Compost mix "Alnus"

Sunlight: It is placed on a growlight of 18 hours per day to provide the needed lighting requirement to maintain the variegation of the plant.

Watering: It was grown maintaining a weekly watering schedule in a semi indoor location.

Humidity: It was placed on a close glass container to maintain a humidity of 70%-90% Humidity

Temperature: The growing temperature condition is at 25°C - 30°C

Other growing condition:
This was placed on pole and carefully made sure the the emerging aerial roots was covered with moss to allow the roots to grow for easier propagation.

Leaf Blade:

Leaf Characteristic - The leaves of Scindapsus argyraeus are simple and heart-shaped with a pointed tip. The leaves are glabrous, meaning they are smooth and without hair, and has reach up to 10 centimeters in length and 7 centimeters in width. The surface of the leaves is a smooth in texture and has a bright green color. Its has a random shape of silvery sheen or glittery silver patches that are scattered around the leaf. The variegation pattern is persistent and random in every leaf. Leaf variegation pattern ranges from marble and sectorial, leaf variegation intensity from 20% variegation to almost 80% variegation.

These are additional information on the characteristic of the leaf
1. Leaf size ranges
a. Length - 7cm - 15cm
b. Width - 5cm - 10cm
2. Leaf Venation is Reticulated Venation Pattern
3. Leaf Margin is Entire
4. Leaf Shape is Ovate
5. Leaf Texture is Smooth and Glossy

Bloom and Fruit:


Distinguishing Characteristics:

1. Leaf Color Variegation
a. New Leaf leaf color variegation is lime yellow
b. Mature Leaf leaf color variegation is Bright yellow

2. Leaf Color Non-Variegated
a. New Leaf leaf color non-variegated part is green
b. Mature Leaf leaf color variegation is also green

3. Stem Coloration - The stem has dual coloration, a green and lime yellow coloration. This coloration exibited only show the authenticity of the variegation.

4. Silver Patches - Silver patches is random in shape and glittery silver in coloration.

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