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Scindapsus 'Vangie Go'





Nomenclatural Notes:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Nico Morilla, Matthew Aiman Lopez, Aislinn Chuahiock


Nico Morilla, Matthew Aiman Lopez, Aislinn Chuahiock

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Scindapsus Curranii


Cultivar Origin:

In our constant search for plants with variegated mutations, our specimen of the Scindapsus Curanii 'Vangie Go' was offered to us as an "unknown variegated Scindapsus" from Real Quezon, Calabarzon Philippines.

As the Curranii is not a popular or sought after in the market as the Pictus etc, it wasn't immediately recognized or identified as a Scindapsus of note. For a while, all we had going on was it was a lovely variegated Scindapsus. It had been quietly growing in a private garden of a non-collector for a while until it was sold to us as a chance purchase.

Name Origin:

Evangeline Bernardez-Go is known to many of her Western, Thai, Indonesian and Filipino plant peers as 'Mother' or simply 'Vangie'. She is a world renowned plant collector, international landscape artist, breeder par excellence and international plant trendsetter.

Her love for Orchids charted a course that enabled her to name two hybrids: Cattleya Adela Angeles and Cattleya Elenita Binay, aptly named after the Philippines' top female collectors.

Vangie is also hailed as a pioneer in breeding the variegated colored Anthurium Birdsnest, or also known as the Foliage Anthurium or Antfol. Proudly introduced when she exhibited her hybrids, won numerous awards during the 3rd Flora Filipina International Expo back in 2009, and left the international plant community in awe. Her illustrious career and devotion to nature gifted us a slew of new species and hybrids that are proudly named after her such as Alocasia Vangie Go, Neoregelia Vangie Go, Tillandsia Vangie Go, Aglaonema Vangie Go, Cattleya Vangie Go and Sansevieria Vangie Go just to name a few.

Vangie is also an unselfish mentor whose love for sharing knowledge and best practices makes her a shining standard of the Best in Philippine Horticulture, a Queen in our community.

Growth Habit:

The Scindapsus Curranii 'Vangie Go' grows with no observed difference from other Scindapsus. It is a voracious climber as well as a crawler. Having it thrive on a pole or on a tree allows it to grow with graceful cascading leaves. It loves the outdoors (balcony or a shaded area) in bright conditions, tropical temperatures and higher humidity. Soil media should be well draining and watering should be done with caution, allowing a dry-out in between.

Leaf Blade:

Smooth to the feel, elegantly elongated, and oblong that tapers to a point, or spear-like leaves with white variegation. Its leaves are not meaty or stiff but fine and often droops down (when it grows as a climber). Our largest leaf measurement have been observed with lengths at 20cm and widths of 8cm.

Bloom and Fruit:

None yet observed

Distinguishing Characteristics:

The Scindapsus Curranii is a pretty available Scindapsus in itself, but is a lesser known/appreciated. It is rarely owned by plant enthusiasts as it simply looks plain as compared to its other popular houseplant cousins like the Pictus or Trebuii. Propagation is a breeze and its variegation is consistent. The stems are hardy and do reflect striping that indicates variegation but does not dictate its extent.

It is our hopes that the the Variegated Scindapsus Curranii aka Scindapsus Curanii 'Vangie Go' finds its way to plant lovers as it is indeed a lovely graceful plant that rivals other well-known Variegated Scindapsus recently identified.

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