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Anthurium 'Reverence Mystery'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:





Azri From Taira's Tranquillity (Hybridist)

Seed Parent:


Pollen Parent:


Base Species or Cultivar:


Cultivar Origin:

Name Origin:

In 2021, I embarked on a search for sports hybrids and unexpectedly stumbled upon a plant seller in a remote area of Indonesia. The seller resided in a modest house constructed partially from concrete and wood. He proudly displayed his collection of hybrids, among which one particular seedling stood out due to its unusual mutations.

Curiosity piqued, I inquired about the seller's occupation, considering the widespread joblessness caused by the pandemic. He revealed that he would accept any available job offers to support his family, yet always returned home to tend to his plants and find solace in his small space.

Impressed by his dedication, I purchased the lone seedling and compensated him generously for his efforts.

A couple of years later, I revisited the same spot only to find it vacant. When I questioned the locals, they informed me that the land had remained unoccupied for over a decade.

To this day, the disappearance of the plant seller and the mystery surrounding the vacant land remain unsolved.

Growth Habit:

Leaves produced in whorls. Grow in a controlled environment where the land is standing about 16m above sea level with average natural humidity of 88%, a constant wind speed of 2.2km/h, the temperature fluctuates as low as 22.3 °C and a maximum of 32.4 °C. During raining season, it can reach up to 87.0mm DRT (Daily Rainfall Total) A clear sky UV index of 10 to 11+ and Barometric Pressure of 1007.54mbar

Leaf Blade:

Overall specimen upright form
Foliage Description: Cordate
Base is truncate; leaves are oriented outwardly and downwardly.
Adaxial structure: Surfaces are smooth and velvety. Soft bullate texture.
Veins protrude on top side of leaf; midvein also protrudes on under side but lateral veins are slightly sunken.
Apex is acuminate
Margin: Semi Ondulate
Petiole. Flat adaxially with erect margins
Geniculum: Flat adaxially with erect margins
Venation: Arcuate secondary veins bending toward apex

Bloom and Fruit:

Inflorescence erect-spreading; peduncle, spathe sub-coriaceous, green, heavily tinged dark green parallel faint venation and oblong-lanceolate

Seed colour: Top of pericarp burgundy red bottom half white

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Thin veining throughout with semi ondulate margins, different colour of emergent leaf and occasionally gives out double spathe

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