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How to register a cultivar?

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Step 1: Confirm that the plant meets the criteria of cultivars detailed here

Step 2: Create an account on this site if you have not created one yet. Log in. 

Step 3: Review the "Submit Cultivar" page. Gather all the information requested there, including clear photographs to identify the plant accurately, and submit a registration request.

Step 4: Aroid Cultivar Registration Team will review the request and if accepted, change status to "Accepted: Yes". If not accepted, reasons will be recorded in the "Nomenclatural Notes" field. We will reach out to the requestor via the email used to register in this site if we require additional information.   

Step 5: After acceptance, the team will mark it for formal publication in the next edition of Aroideana. After publication, the status will be updated to "Established: Yes" and this will complete the formal registration of the cultivar. 

Aroid Cultivar Registration Team can be reached at

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