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Philodendron 'Rio'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Accepted, pending publication.

Published in:

We didn't know how to go about publishing through an academic institution, but we did our best to transparently write out their visual and other descriptions on a larger blog article on our website:

Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Grant Maloy


Grant Maloy

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:


Cultivar Origin:

'Rio' was a naturally occurring sport originating from a Philodendron Brasil from our own internal cuttings supply. It was first discovered in 2009 and has been in selective cultivation proving it's stability for over a decade. Our selectively propagated cultivar was named "Rio" after the city in Brazil. (Super original, we know...)

Name Origin:

The name 'Rio' just came from playing off the word of the parent species, Brasil. So Rio was named after the town Rio in Brazil.

Growth Habit:

It's a vining plant by nature, but can achieve growing vertically if given the opportunity. Otherwise, even with their variegation, they grow in the same form and speed of most of the more common Hederaceum.

Leaf Blade:

Rio is different from other cultivars of Hederaceum because of it's consistent production of silver being the innermost color of the leaf. Rio has been observed where it's leaves can also get much skinnier in appearance with excess light. Their leaves also contain cream colors, so their stable variegation from outside of the leaf to inside; Dark green, Silver, cream, silver (innermost color)

Bloom and Fruit:

Given our desire to produce this as an indoor house plant, we have not yet explored letting one mature, but it's in the process now and will update when we have the photos of the blooms, but the plant was meant as a stunning foliage only piece when we brought it to market.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Rio is unique being the only cultivar with silver as the center most color. It has been consistent on this pattern for over a decade now at our greenhouses.

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