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Scindapsus 'Bukang Liwayway'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Rudylyn D. Mangulabnan


Maria Elena Delos Reyes, Ma. Cristina Militar, Aileen Cheng, Kathy Federigan, Sheila Quezon

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Scindapsus pictus


Cultivar Origin:

The specimen was obtained from an unidentified Scindapsus plant found on Palawan Island in the Philippines in 2021. It was acquired from Rudylyn D. Mangulabnan and was grown indoors under an 18-watt full spectrum grow light. A mutation was observed in mid-2022, resulting in the emergence of yellow midribs on new leaves. Following this, it was trimmed and propagated, maintaining the distinctive yellow variegations in each successive generation.

Name Origin:

In Philippine folklore, Liwayway is a diwata, a goddess associated with the dawn. She is known for her quiet and diligent nature, often seen as a dutiful daughter of Bathala. Despite her reserved personality she quietly ensures daybreak on Earth, making her a vital figure in their mythology.

The term "liwayway" in Filipino directly means "dawn," and her embodiment, the beginning of the day, is referred to as "bukang liwayway." The vibrant yellow leaves of Bukang Liwayway resemble the rising sun’s color.

Growth Habit:

Bukang Liwayway, similar to other Scindapsus pictus species, is a climbing plant characterized by its variegated leaves that exhibit a shiny, silvery sheen, creating the illusion of iridescent and changing colors when viewed from different angles. Aroid mix was used as the potting medium for all specimens.

The leaves start out rather thin when young and gradually become thicker as they mature. These plants were cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoors, they received light from a range of 18 to 50 watts of full spectrum grow light. It's worth noting that when grown indoors under grow lights, the yellowish tones appear more vibrant compared to when they are grown outdoors in direct sunlight.

Leaf Blade:

Scindapsus pictus 'Bukang Liwayway' is distinguished by its elongated heart-shaped leaves, which are predominantly silvery green. These leaves feature a prominent golden yellow midrib and are decked with smooth silver specks. The leaf surfaces are consistently smooth, free from any irregularities. The extensive variegation in this plant results in leaves that display a range of colors, spanning from greenish yellow to a vivid golden yellow. They feature the characteristic smooth silver spots, a noticeable yellow midrib, and veins transitioning from green to a golden yellow shade.

Bloom and Fruit:

None observed.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Bukang Liwayway displays a diverse range of leaf colors and patterns. While leaf sizes may differ, the majority of them typically display a silvery green shade with a prominent golden yellow midrib. Each leaf is decked with scattered silver specks, and their edges are typically narrow, transitioning from green to golden yellow.

In some cases, a few leaves may appear lighter in color compared to others. These lighter leaves tend to have fewer solid sections, and the yellow is frequently interspersed with the presence of silver specks.

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