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Scindapsus 'Hanan'





Nomenclatural Notes:

Published in:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:



Kathy Ornales-Federigan


Sarah Abigael Cornelio

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Scindapsus Pictus


Cultivar Origin:

Kathy Ornales-Federigan, of the Municipality of Cainta, Rizal, Philippines, has acquired this cultivar, initially as Scindapsus Pictus Exotica. It was soon after reckoned to be a different form of variegated Scindapsus Pictus as it consistently produced foliage with variegation patterns in hues of mint green, speckled across the surface of the leaf.

The plant, initially consisting of 8 plump leaves, with the aforementioned variegation pattern, has persisted across the rest of the plants propagated from it through cuttings.

Name Origin:

Hanan is the goddess of the dawn and of the morning, in the Philippine Mythology. She is the youngest of the three daughters of Bathala by a mortal woman. Hanan is sister to Mayari, goddess of the moon, and Tala, goddess of the stars.

Hanan was highly worshiped, and known to be the god of new beginnings, as each morning she’d wake up, people would offer her inexhaustible harvests and prayers for abundance and regrowth. In Tagalog animism, the dawning sun was Hanan’s emblem.

The granular mint green variegation pattern of this cultivar implicates the burst of the morning rays of the sun – depicting new beginnings.

Growth Habit:

As observed, this cultivar has similar growth habits as the rest of the Scindapsus genus. It thrives in chunky, well-draining soilless potting mix, in tropical temperatures between 20 to 36 'C, with maintained humidity of 40-70%, under bright filtered morning to afternoon sunlight. It has also been observed that placing it in lower lighting conditions does not affect the variegation.

Given the proper growing condition, and sufficient watering, even without a pole to climb on, this cultivar could grow vigorously, and achieve plump leaves that measure up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) in length, and 3 inches (7.5 cm) in width.

Contrastingly to the bright mint green variegation it exhibits as the leaf unfurl, the variegation could slightly darken in hue, as the leaves mature.

Leaf Blade:

This cultivar is characterized by flat, ovate-cordiform shaped leaves with acute apices and cordate bases. Its leaves are arranged in an alternating fashion and are attached to the stem in a petiolate manner. The venation is pinnate.

It presents a smooth and matte leaf lamina. It is unlike the cultivar Scindapsus Pictus ‘Exotica’ because it exhibits a granular variegation pattern. However, like the ‘Exotica’, it still retains the green base color with silver patterns.

Bloom and Fruit:

Not observed yet.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This cultivar carries a granular variegation pattern in hues of mint green, speckled across the surface of the leaf, making it highly distinct from other cultivars of Scindapsus Pictus, like ‘Exotica’.

Additionally, this cultivar also exhibits subtle variegations, distinguishable in the form of vertical lines across the petioles and the stems.

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