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Scindapsus 'Mariposa'





Nomenclatural Notes:

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Released Year:




Cultivar Type:





Mary Ann Siy and Aaron John Siy "Planter Tong Hong"

Seed Parent:

Pollen Parent:

Base Species or Cultivar:

Scindapsus Pictus Silver Lady


Cultivar Origin:

This species was purchased in the Philippines via Facebook and was given to us as a Scindspsus "No ID". We have received the specie on August 5, 2022 as a MidCut 2 leafer and we marked this as our 1st Generation.

To prove the consistency and persistnecy of the species' variegation, we made 2 nodal propagations of the 1st generation specie and made it grew into a trailing plant.

On January 19, 2023, the 2 nodal propagation became a trailing plant. These are the result of the nodal propagations:
a. All leaves have consistent variegation and persist in all the leaves.
b. 1st Nodal propagation became a 10 leafer and was cutted into a 7 nodal cut, 1 base cut and 1 top cut.
c. 2nd nodal propagation became a 4 leafer and still trailed until this day.

On February 20, 2023, 7 nodal propagation, 1 base Cut and 1 Top Cut, all these successfully inherited the variegation of the 2nd generation species.
a. The nodal propagation became a 2 leafer and variegation still persist in the 3rd Generation.

As of Febraury 20, 2023, 3 nodal propagation was sold to other plant enthusiast in the philippines and indonesia.

Name Origin:

Mariposa is a Filipino term for a Big Moth or Butterfly. Both Mariposa and Scindapsus Silver Lady Variegated are elusive and as well as captivating to the eyes of the beholder.

We named this Mariposa because both are very similar to each other. Mariposa's wings are liken to the Scindapsus Silver Lady Variegated which nature's designed and fashioned with a riot of color, vibrant hues that blend seamlessly into each other that creates a mesmerizing pattern that's both unique and awe-inspiring.

This species, Mariposa and Scindapsus Silver Lady Variegated, are very similar and endemic in the Philippines.

Growth Habit:

Potting Mix: The Scindapsus Silver Lady Variegated "Mariposa" is placed on the 3 parts perlite and 1 part Wood Compost mix "Alnus"

Sunlight: This species is placed on a growlight of 18 hours per day to provide the needed lighting requirement to maintain the variegation of the plant.

Watering: It was grown maintaining a weekly watering schedule in a semi indoor location.

Humidity: It was placed on a close glass container to maintain a humidity of 70%-90% Humidity

Temperature: The growing temperature condition is at 25°C - 30°C

Other growing condition: The plant was placed on pole and carefully made sure the the emerging aerial roots was covered with moss to allow the roots to grow for easier propagation.

Leaf Blade:

The leaves are glossy and dark bluish green with silver markings. The size of the leaves can vary depending on the age of the plant and growing conditions, but they typically range from 4 to 6 inches long and 2 to 4 inches wide.
In summary:
1. Leaf size ranges from
a. Length - 10cm - 15cm
b. Width - 5cm - 10cm
2. Leaf Venation is Pinnate
3. Leaf Margin is Entire
4. Leaf Shape is Cordate in its leaf base and it becomes lanceolate from mid-rib to tip of the leaf
5. Leaf Texture is smooth and thick.

Bloom and Fruit:


Distinguishing Characteristics:

1. Leaf Color Variegation - New Leaf Variegation Color is white as it emerge and maintain a white variegation as it matures.
2. Leaf Color Non-Variegated - New Leaf Color is Green as it emerge and transforms into a bluish gray coloration as it matures.
3. Stem Coloration - The stem portrays a dual white and green lining color which indicates that the leaf variegation is genuine since most of the variegated plants has a dual coloration in their stem.
4. Silver Patches are shiny silvery as it emerge as new leaf and becomes matte finish silvery color as it matures. The species is predominantly silvery surface.

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